What are Baptists?

What are Baptists?

Australian Baptists are a multi-cultural and multi-generational movement of people serving communities across Australia through a network of almost 1000 churches.  The unity of our movement of churches, is based on shared biblical beliefs – the core and foundational belief of which is that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Within that unity, however, is diversity for each local Baptist church in our movement is autonomous.  That means that each local church is responsible for setting its own vision, activities and decision-making processes and each church manages its own budgets. 

Nevertheless, local churches choose to affiliate through membership within a State Union.  State Unions assist with equipping, and administrative support, as well as providing a mechanism for fellowship, encouragement, mutual ministry and accountability. 

The Baptist Unions of each state or territory are affiliated with the national body, Australian Baptist Ministries.  Through this partnership with the national body, national and international ministries are supported.  These ministries are governed by National Council, which is made up of representatives from the ministries themselves, and from each State and Territory Union.

You can a learn a little of the history of the Baptist movement and our core values below: